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Tumor Board

Heading Background

The Tumor Board is a service for the cancer patients to obtain a second opinion. an online platform to get the best possible second opinion for cancer patients has a tumor board consisting of team of minimum two and maximum five specialists. This team of cancer specialists will evaluate your case in details and give you a comprehensive second opinion for your diagnosis and treatment options. Following are some of the noteworthy points related to our tumor board:

  • Our tumor board consisting of oncology specialists will conduct a thorough review of your medical records and diagnostic tests to give you an unbiased second opinion for cancer.
  • Once you register yourself, you will be allowed to choose the doctors by specialty. You can speak with our specialists on a one-to-one basis and even get consultation and recommendations through group video conference call for any questions or concerns you have.
  • We allow patients to search for the certified specialists based on qualifications, achievement, awards etc. and even upload their reports for an opinion during the call and have live chat sessions.
  • Our tumor board comprising of doctors from various specialty ensure personalized treatment plan in the shortest possible time. The panel of specialists suggests the best treatment for specific cases presented by the patients.
  • You can think of taking a second opinion for cancer from our tumor board if you want to cross-check and authenticate your medical diagnosis and treatment. You can even consult our panel of oncology specialists to get clearer and more in-depth recommendations for your cancer case.

Tumor board thus enhances patients’ care and offers the best treatment plan suitable for the patients. Get in touch with our specialists now!